April 7, 2017

Anne Gadsden

Before becoming an associate with RMA Governance Anne has had significant experience across the primary phase, including the Foundation Stage, as a teacher, headteacher, adviser and local authority manager. Anne has fourteen years' experience as a head teacher of four very contrasting schools.  Her last appointment was to a school in serious weaknesses and under her leadership it was judged as good by OfSTED.

Anne joined Cheshire County Council as a senior adviser and had a portfolio of thirty schools, during that time she qualified as a school improvement partner and also led the primary leadership programme.

She has experience as a senior manager for Cheshire East managing the behaviour improvement team, education welfare service and the primary strategy team. Her final post was that of Monitoring & Interventions Manager for all 150 schools in Cheshire East. Anne also represented the local authority on SACRE (the standing advisory council on religious education).

Anne is a governor of two schools, one in Cheshire East and one in Staffordshire, where she continues her drive to improve outcomes for all children. She is the chair of the learning, inclusion and progress committee and is also proactive in forming a multi academy trust (MAT) with five local schools.

Anne presently works for two MATs as an independent consultant working in schools in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester and Stoke.