5 top tips for bringing challenge

I read a really interesting line in an Ofsted report this week. It says “Governors have confused asking questions with exercising challenge”. The reason I think this is interesting is that I have a long-held belief that Ofsted *sometimes* does exactly that: confuses governors asking questions with governors exercising challenge. To the point that governing[…]

Seven steps to avoiding an external review of governance

Introduction Ofsted introduced external reviews of governance into the inspection framework in autumn 2012. The September 2015 School Inspection Handbook requires inspectors to recommend a review in any school where in their judgement ‘governance is weak’, so we’re likely to see more, not fewer, taking place in forthcoming terms. I was among the first to[…]

The Proponents of Courage: Inspiration from the Birmingham Governors’ Conference

Last Saturday I had the privilege of contributing to the Birmingham Governors’ Conference: Stronger Governance – Stronger Schools. It was a very enjoyable event with around 160 governors (and headteachers) in attendance. There were inevitably a few mentions of Trojan Horse, but they were few and far between – Birmingham governors are understandably sick of[…]