January 24, 2015

Developing Skilled and Strategic Governing Bodies

Can I just say, before you get any further and I start irritating you – this is an advert. But it’s an advert for something I think will be brilliant – otherwise I wouldn’t be advertising it. Oh, and I’m involved – so consider that a declaration of interest and please read on…

In London, on April 30th, Optimus Education will be holding its third conference for governors. The theme is ‘Developing Skilled and Strategic Governing Bodies’. Many years of being on governing bodies and working with governing bodies suggests to me that being strategic is something we often struggle with. And – please don’t be offended – something headteachers often struggle with too! And sadly the fact that our first key function is to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school (or schools) tends to get overlooked in favour of the “more important” role of holding the headteacher to account (I hope you caught the ironic tone there…).

So this is a really timely conference and while I *know* you won’t want to miss my inputs on Ofsted’s expectations, and on effective governing body structures, I’m really looking forward to hearing from NGA’s Emma Knights on the new NGA framework for setting strategy and vision for your school – I may have to miss refreshments to make sure I miss the stampede and get a seat at the front (although that sadly means I’ll have to miss the brilliant Matt Miller talking about his experiences of  Ofsted).

You’ll be spoilt for choice in the third workshop session too, because if you can bear to miss hearing from me, you have the choice of @clerktogovernor – Shena Lewington – talking about how to bring effective challenge and Andy Kent discussing governing body self-evaluation.

But the highlight for me will be, as always, hearing from Mark Blois, MAT chair and lead for Education with Browne Jacobson. I’m sure his legal update will be worth the conference fee alone.

You can find out more on the conference website and can download the flyer here. Hope to see you there.

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