April 7, 2017

External Reviews of Governance

External reviews of governance are a powerful tool for improving governance in your school. An experienced governor and governance reviewer will support you and your governing body in identifying areas of strength to build on, and areas for development, leaving you with a focused action plan to support your next steps in moving your governing body towards good or outstanding practice.

External reviews of governance are available as a response to an Ofsted recommendation, or for any governing body wanting to reflect on and improve its performance. The National College for Teaching and Leadership has developed guidance to support schools in understanding the process and determining how to select a reviewer. All RMA reviewers are experienced governors and are trained by the National College for Teaching and Leadership in undertaking reviews. All review reports are quality assured by a second member of the team.

The external review of governance process includes a review of governing body paperwork, one to one meetings with headteacher, clerk, chair and as many other governors as possible and a full governing body self-review session, resulting in a summary report of the governing body’s strengths and areas for development, and an action plan to improve governance practice within the school or academy. It also includes a second visit by the reviewer around four months after the initial meeting to assess progress and impact of the governing body since the review took place, in line with the 2015 National College guidance.

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Our Reviewers

Ruth Agnew was trained by the National College for Teaching and Leadership to conduct reviews for the Ofsted pilot of the process, and has been involved in drawing up the initial national guidance on the process of undertaking reviews and two subsequent updates of these materials, including the most recent update in March 2015. She has undertaken more than sixty reviews in a wide range of school contexts, including primary, secondary and special maintained schools and academies, church schools, federations and multi-academy trusts.

Andy KentNeil Hope-Collins and Mark Granby are also trained and experienced reviewers. All reviews are quality assured by a second member of the team.

Read Ruth’s blog on her experiences of conducting reviews and lessons learnt.

“Since I became Chair I feel that I have been shut in an attic with box upon box of stuff that has never been sorted out and organised. the task now is to go through it all and throw out that which is surplus to requirements. You have switched the light on so that I can see!!”

- Primary chair of governors

“Thanks very much for making the whole experience a positive one with a clear way forward.”

- Primary headteacher