December 30, 2014

My New Year's Governance Resolutions

Gosh, a novel idea – a new year blog. Well I may not be unique, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of my resolutions for 2015. Not least because if I articulate them clearly I may have more chance of keeping them. I’m currently a governor in two primary schools, chair in one and vice chair in the other. They’re in different contexts and different circumstances, but for both my first resolution has to be

  1. To be a better governor. I love being a governor. I suppose I wouldn’t have been doing it for as long as a have unless that was the case. It’s enormously rewarding and sometimes it’s even fun. But I’m not always the governor I want to be. I agree with Lord Nash when he says we’re volunteers but we’re not amateurs, but that hasn’t stopped me prioritising my paid work over my voluntary work sometimes – and I can’t justify that. I’ve volunteered for a crucially important role and I need to diary in proper amounts of time to do it well!
  2. To read more. I have a pile of ‘things I’m going to read soon’ but I’ve hardly scratched the surface during 2014. I’ve been ‘too busy’, but I’m very aware that I’m not learning from good practice and research in the way that I should be.
  3. To blog more. My poor, sad neglected blog looks a bit pathetic at the moment. I started blogging because I wanted to start discussions about good practice in governance and improve my own practice also – so many missed opportunities in the last four months, since I last published a blog.
  4. To make a difference. A professional colleague said to me recently ‘the elephant in the room in all of this is that we all know that governing bodies don’t make any difference’. What a depressing premise to work from. I believe governors can and do make a difference, and this year I intend to prove it in both my schools, and in my system leader role also. What’s the point otherwise….?elephant

Wish me luck! And please share your resolutions in the comments section.

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